Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ran the Run!! August 14, 2009

So, one of my 'before I am 50' goals was to run a 5k.
Not to win, just to finish!
'Reach the Beach' in Port Stanley takes place in the early evening, so perhaps not the best for an asthmatic like myself. Thanks to Pauline, my running partner, we were there early enough for me to do lots of stretching. She had warned me about the hill, but nothing had prepared me for this monster! We walked the hill, which saved us plenty of energy to run the rest of the race. We finished a respectable 177 and 179 out of 226. Plenty of room to move up next year, and for a personal best in October! And Victoria Park in London has no hills, so we're good!
My second goal was to lose 30 lbs. I'm 3 lbs off that after an unfortunate sodium encounter early this week. I gained 1.8 lbs, but I told it that it had to leave next Wed -and take some friends with it!!! The moral: READ LABELS!! My lovely Japanese tuna dinner had 890 grams of sodium!!!
Pounding back the water now, and walking for 1/2 hour at lunch. This is a habit I gave up when I started running, but both is better, right?

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