Wednesday, August 5, 2009

AUGUST 5 2009 -Four More Pounds to Goal !

The last ten pounds really stick! I didn't think I could give up alcohol in the summer, but I realized a week ago that I had to in order to make this happen. Points matter in the long run, but I'm not a patient person and I know I'll lose momentum if I don't keep losing. Alcohol and lack of activity are my enemies.

Funny, Brian's nutritionist pointed out that his diet was unbalanced. He was eating very few carbs and no grains because his diet is in sync with mine. A diabetic diet has to be low in carbs, but no so low that it is out of balance. I've been trying to include a grain serving every day now. I have a wheat sensitivity, but I can eat rice and oatmeal. I've been eating no grains at all, since they are high in points and gluten-free products taste weird and tend to be not worth the calories.

Low and behold- when I balanced my diet, I dropped 2.2 pounds! I have 3.8 to lose now to reach my goal of 173 lbs. That will bring me to the 'healthy' BMI range. I'll hang out there for a while and then lose a bit more as I run more.

Another thing that has really helped is my 'virtual duct tape'. I imagine a piece of duct tape over my mouth at 7:30 pm, and add an 'alcohol inhibitor' on week nights. Not eating or drinking alcohol after 7:30 is really helping and I hope to carry this new habit on for the rest of my life.

We visited with my daughter last weekend and she took me to her studio for a photo shoot. What a treat, to get all 'glammed' up and have professional pictures taken! I felt quite the princess! The bathing suit photos told me that I still need to lose some even after I'm 'healthy'. Brian and I are 'sun-bunnies' and on our holidays I'm rarely out of a swim suit.

But I'm close to being healthy, and isn't that what it's really all about? I'm bracing myself for another plateau, but also determined to run every day, even on weekends. I've been running 3-4 times a week, and not at all when I was sick/injured, so maybe there won't be a plateau this time!

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