Sunday, July 26, 2009

JULY 26, 2009

After a 3 week plateau, I increased my cardio, since my ankle was starting to heal. I bought a really good ankle brace and started increasing from 2 k to 3 over the week. Wednesday I was down 7 lbs to 178!!!!!

The running gods were testing my perserverance though, and I contracted a bronchial infection that laid me out for the next week and zapped my appetite. Not eating, actually caused me to gain back a pound, since my body was in defensive mode and didn't want to let go of any weight!

July 26, I'm back to running and feeling pretty good other than a mildly sore throat.

Back to training for the Aug 14th... 5 k!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 1, 2009

July 1 Wedding day!!!

Settled on the shorter dress, which hugs my still ample curves a bit too much, but shows off my newly formed runners legs!

I'm a bit embarassed about the photos, but anxious to see myself in the same dress on our one-year anniversary!! That's the spirit- think long term!

I'm still limping, and iced my ankle off and on the whole morning of the wedding.

Forgot all about the pain when I saw my handsome groom. Here's to a lifetime journey into health - together!

Disaster strikes!!!

June 27, 2009
OMG- I blew out an ankle 2 days after the 5 k training run and 4 days before the wedding!!!
I'm icing it like crazy, and taking what is probably too much ibuprofen.
On brother Bruce's advice I made a trip to New Balance to get proper running shoes with ankle support. The problem is, I can't even walk without limping.
My biggest fear is that I'll gain some weight back.

Got to admit I'm feelin' better!

This is me at the end of week 4, June 24. I've lost 18 lbs, and I'm feeling great!
Down to 185 lbs!
I broke through that 190 floor forever!
Two weeks until our wedding.
I'm running my 3k route pretty consistently now, and planning to go on a test run along the route for the 5k race in July.
To think that in May I couldn't make it around the block without nearly collapsing! Everyone is being supportive. Brian has perfeted the art of the 'egg white brocolli omelet', Bruce is cheering me on and his daughter, Karen , is volunteering to pace me on the race!