Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wednesday May 27 was weigh in day. I knew I had lost some weight, probably mostly water, but I was hoping for at least 5 lbs. I had stayed on program with some difficulty. I love a glass of white wine after dinner, and 4 oz hardly showed up in our huge goblets! The solution was smaller glasses. I was using all of my daily points, but none of my bonus 'activity points'.
The first official weigh in yielded a loss of 7 lbs!! I felt elated, but know the next weigh-ins would be tougher. My body tends to cling to those pounds when I try really hard to lose them. My resolution was to cut out wine during the week and if I wanted a drink, one shot of rye in some diet coke was all I would have.
I also resolved not to snack in the afternoon. By 3 o'clock I am out of stuff to do at work, and getting hungry for supper. If I have a snack, then I can't finish supper which is on the table when I get home at 5:30 (Thank you Brian!) Or worse still, I finish it anyway because Brian is such a great cook!
So several things happened (Non Scale Victories, or NSVs in WW lingo)

I stopped drinking wine during the week. One glass inevitably leads to another..few!
I stopped eating between lunch and supper unless it was a piece of fruit for dessert early in the afternoon.
Brian started to watch my portions. 1 tsp of margarine in the frypan, 1 Tbsp of peanut butter on my toast, half a chicken breast....
And I ramped up my running. Encouraged by Wednesday's weigh in, I ran my first 3 k on Thursday morning.

Week one -the awakening!

I'm not sure what made me step on the scales. Maybe the realization that none of my summer clothes from last year fit me. Not even close! I was in tears, and Brian bought me two nice outfits that fit, and disguised the rolls.
He had no problem with my weight, in fact he hadn't noticed the nearly 20 lbs I had put on in the last year. I hated to see myself in pictures, and was reluctant to ride my horse. I weighed in at a whopping 203 lbs. The highest weight I have been without being pregnant! So I enrolled in the on-line Weight Watchers Program . The new program is really flexible and rewards activity right from the start. The best part for me was the message board feature. I also ramped up my running. I had been running every day, but only a token amount, never really pushing myself. Now that I was serious about a lifestyle change, I increased the distance and decreased the intermitant walking.