Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 29 -Woodstock Haflinger Show

Tight riding breeches do little to enhance a girl's figure and they tell no lies!

I've been cringing at photos for years now and the fact that Naomi is so little just makes the whole effect more comical!

Yesterday was different! I'm still big on her, but at 5' 10" I always will be. The difference this time was that my legs looked shapely and not like giant hams! My rear was a bit sloppy- but hey! Its a 50 year old rear- it's seen some action! lol!

No ribbons on my bridle at this show, but I was wearing a big smile all of the pictures and enjoying myself thoroughly! No scavenging for food on the midway either. We had a cooler of diet pop and fresh fruit with us. Naomi even shared her carrot sticks with me.

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